How to Make Your Marriage Legal in the US Virgin Islands

  1. Apply for a License from the Superior Court of the Virgin Islands – this can be done in advance by mail.  A payment of $100 must accompany the application and should be a money order or cashier’s check made out to the Superior Court of the Virgin Islands.
  2. The Application must by typed. If divorced or widowed, a certified copy of the divorce decree or spouse’s Death Certificate is required.
  3. The Application must be received by the Court 8 days or more prior to obtaining the Marriage License.
  4. The Applicants are required to appear at the Family Division of the Courthouse to pickup the License prior to your ceremony – this is the paperwork Lisa signs, along with two witnesses, immediately after your ceremony.  The License fee is $100 and can be paid with a money order, cashier’s check or cash. Valid ID (driver’s license, passport or voter’s registration card) is also required.
  5. For more information visit The Superior Court of the Virgin Islands
  6. Here are PDF’s of the Virgin Islands Marriage Info Fact Sheet and the Application for Marriage License

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