Hotel & Travel Policies

All guests staying at or visiting Sand Castle on the Beach are encouraged to read our general policies:


Hurricanes, Natural Disasters, and other Acts of God

Sometimes it happens, but most of the time not.

We hope for the best and, at the very least, a bit of rain is usually needed during the late summer months. If however, Mother Nature decides to deliver all at once…

Err on the side of caution, but remember, the news loves sensation. Please bear that in mind. If you have any doubts about our weather conditions, contact us directly. If St Croix is under a hurricane warning, guests holding a reservation will be allowed to cancel without penalty and offered the opportunity to re-book at a later date within a year’s time. The same seasonal room rate will be honored. If guests re-book from low to high season, the difference must be applied to the new reservation. Please submit a re-booking request in writing within 90 days of the original check-in date. Guests already in the hotel who choose an early departure due to weather will not be penalized for unused room days. Sand Castle will authorize a refund for any such days. With the safety of our guests in mind, Sand Castle will encourage guests to leave the island if recommended to evacuate by the authorities. In the event they are unable to do so, guests will receive accommodations at a reduced “emergency rate” to be determined by the hotel.

Check In/Out

Check-in time is 2pm unless prior arrangements are made with the hotel. Guests arriving early may store their belongings in the front office and enjoy the resort while their room is finished. Check-out is 11am. A late check-out may be afforded at the discretion of the management with prior approval. Unapproved late check-outs will be subject to a $25 fee. Daily housekeeping will be provided between 9am and 3pm. Guest rooms displaying a “Do Not Disturb” sign throughout the day until after 2pm will have their room serviced the following day.

Room keys provided to guests are not labeled with the room number (in the event the key is lost or stolen), but rather with the names of St Croix’s historic estates. Lost keys, or those not returned to the front office upon check-out, will be subject to a replacement fee.

Once you’re settled in, personal belongings may be secured with your in-room safe. Sand Castle on the Beach is not responsible for guests personal belongings whether placed in the room safe or not, and we recommend that guests use good judgement in keeping track of personal items in all public areas of the hotel. The hotel has its own free-of-charge parking areas, but does not accept responsibility for damages to, or theft from, vehicles parked on the premises.


Sand Castle’s dress code is smart casual throughout the resort, with the exception of swimwear at the seaside pool, or nothing at all (should you so choose) at the clothing-optional courtyard pool. Please cover up appropriately before entering the restaurant or other public areas of the hotel.

To ensure the tranquil experience of our resort, guests are expected to behave in a manner not disturbing to other guests. Persons in an obviously intoxicated or disorderly state, who are in violation of the posted smoking policy, causes the destruction of, or threatens to destroy hotel property, causes a public disturbance or refuses to, or is unable to pay for, accommodations or services will be removed from the premises. Sand Castle on the Beach does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, gender or gender identity. Personal behavior is the only cause for removal from the hotel and will be done so while reserving the right to withhold any payments already made. Guests are obliged to comply with set rules, policy signage displayed on the grounds and oral recommendations of hotel staff who, at all times, reserve the right to judge the acceptable level of noise and the behavior of guests. Complaints should be made at the front office in a timely manner so that corrective action may be taken. The hotel reserves the right to charge a guest’s credit card or invoice them for items taken from the premises or for damages found after a guest’s departure.

Lost and Found

The hotel is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen personal property. In the event a lost item is found after a guest’s departure, Sand Castle will make every reasonable attempt to contact the guest and return the item at the guest’s expense. Unclaimed items in the hotel’s lost and found which are not claimed within thirty (30) days will be donated to a local charity ordiscarded.


The USVI Smoke-Free Law passed in 2011 prohibits smoking anywhere on restaurant or hotel grounds. Smoking is permitted on public beaches (section 1482, paragraph 4) “twenty feet from benches on beaches.”
We kindly ask guests who smoke while on the beach to respect this ordinance, as well as the comfort and enjoyment of those around them and to properly dispose of cigarette butts which present a choking hazard to endangered sea turtles.

Service Animals

The Americans With Disabilities Act permits hotel and restaurant guests to bring properly trained service animals onto the property. Comfort and companion animals are no longer considered service animals, described under Title 3 of the ADA as “performing specific tasks directly related to the owner’s disability” – seeing eye dogs, assisting the hearing impaired, etc. and the animal must be properly restrained by leash or harness unless such restraint impedes the services of the animal. Under the law, employees are permitted to ask if an animal is a service animal and what specific tasks it performs for the owner. We welcome comfort animals at the resort with proper documentation from a mental healthcare provider. In order to receive service at our hotel and restaurant with a comfort animal, we kindly ask that such documentation be provided to the front office. All service and comfort animals must wear an identifying vest or tags.

Children Under 16

Our insurance regulations prevent children under the age of 16 from using the resort pools. Children are welcome to use our beach facilities and restrooms when day passes are purchased. Children on the pool deck and surrounding hotel property must be under adult supervision at all times.

The staff and management of Sand Castle on the Beach and the Beachside Café value all of our guests and want them to enjoy our resort to the fullest. We appreciate everyone’s understanding and acceptance of this ideal.

Guest Privacy

Your personal information and privacy is of utmost importance to Sand Castle on the Beach. Only information such as name, address, phone and email is taken so that we may process your reservation and is kept on a secure server with controlled access. Likewise, credit card data is processed through an access controlled server and highly secured. By giving us this information, your consent is implied for its use in processing your reservation. Do not provide it if you do not wish to consent. Personal and financial information is never shared outside the company without your permission. To improve our website and its functionality, Sand Castle does track domain information and user behavior, and includes the use cookies (small data files on your computer) which do not collect personally identifiable user information. Our website may contain links to third party sites, but provides no personal information and Sand Castle is not responsible for their policies and/or content.

Please email questions regarding the collection and use of personal information to:

Sand Castle on the Beach Hotel
127 Smithfield, Frederiksted, USVI  00840
340-772-1205 or