Pardon our dust!

Next time you visit, you’ll notice that we’ve been making some changes around the hotel. One of the most noticeable changes is the major renovation in a few of our rooms.

We’re not just talking a simple lick of paint, we’ve literally started from the ground up- by retiling the floors in sleek stone. The tile doesn’t stop there, the bathroom features the same treatment in our spacious walk-in shower. A new counter-top basin sink has been outfitted with stately and modern hardware that is sure to make a splash. The room is adorned with custom mahogany cabinetry, shelving and floating side tables that warm up the room and provide ample space for the necessities of travel. On the soft side, you’ll surrender to a restful nights sleep in our new luxurious linens and textured upholstery.

No detail has been overlooked in making your experience here at Sand Castle on the Beach as enjoyable as possible. We look forward to sharing our progress as we continue to we work our way around the hotel.

Be sure to check out the photos below!

The story continues

Sand Castle on the Beach was designed and built in 1969 by the distinguished, Wisconsin-born architect, John Randall McDonald. He  was an admirer of Frank Lloyd Wright and his Prairie School of Architecture, which inspired the organic qualities of his designs. A prolific practitioner of his craft, McDonald was commissioned to design monasteries, schools, hotels and even residential homes for many noted celebrities of the time- such as Bjorn Borg, Mickey Mantle, Perry Como, Jimmy Connors and even here on St. Croix for Maureen O’Hara. McDonald passed away in 2003 but, his legacy lives on as we maintain and update this historic treasure.

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