Your Travel Questions Answered

Your Travel Questions Answered

Is St. Croix open to visitors? 
Yes. The USVI is open to visitors. There are specific travel requirements for all passengers that you’ll need to adhere to BEFORE your arrival.  Read on.

What will I need to enter the USVI?
Every traveler aged five or older who enters the U.S. Virgin Islands, by air or sea, including anyone in-transit to another destination, is required to use the USVI Travel Screening Portal and submit a COVID-19 test result through the portal prior to travel.

The USVI Travel Screening Portal can be found at

You will NOT be able to board your flight into the USVI without certification from the travel portal.

What type of COVID test is required before I travel to the USVI?

  • A COVID-19 molecular test (e.g., RT-PCR, viral or nucleic acid amplification) from a nasal or throat or oral rinse and/or saliva sample taken and a NEGATIVE result received within five days of commencement of travel to the USVI


  • A COVID-19 antigen (rapid) test taken from a nasal or throat swab sample taken and a NEGATIVE result received within five days of commencement of travel to the Territory


  • A COVID-19 antibody finger stick or blood draw test taken and a POSITIVE result received within four months of commencement of travel to the Territory

When do I need to apply for a travel certification through the USVI Travel Screening Portal?
The Travel Screening Portal should only be completed within 5 days of travel. You will need your COVID-19 test results in order to complete your request for a travel certification.

How long will it take to get a response?
Travelers should receive a response from the Travel Screening Portal within 48 hours of submission.

What can I expect upon arrival into the USVI?
All arriving passengers MUST wear a face mask or facial covering that covers the nose and mouth upon disembarkation.

All travelers are subject to COVID-19 health screening procedures including a temperature scan, and must present their original COVID-19 test results and travel certification received from the Travel Screening Portal for review by local officials.
Travelers are also subject to enhanced screening, including COVID-19 re-testing, if deemed necessary by the Department of Health.

USVI Travel Portal

The Travel Screening Portal should only be completed within 5 days of travel. You will need your COVID-19 test results in order to complete your request for a travel certification.

Will I need a COVID-19 test to return to the United States?
The new CDC travel requirements related to COVID-19 for all air passengers arriving into the United States DO NOT apply to persons traveling/returning from the USVI to the United States *unless required by your state or local health department.

The new requirements, which go into effect on January 26, 2021, DO apply to passengers arriving in the USVI or US from a foreign country. A foreign country means anywhere that is NOT a state, territory or possession of the United States.

You may choose to refer to the CDC document (specifically, the bottom of page 3) where it is clearly states that the USVI is not considered a foreign country.    CDC document

Do I have to wear a mask?
YES!  “No Mask, No Service” is the current motto in the USVI for all businesses, accommodations and public areas, so please come prepared.  Businesses have the right to refuse your entry if you do not comply.  As a traveler, you should also expect to see employees wearing masks for your safety.  Everybody is expected to wear a mask in public spaces and private businesses.

Are there things to do while visiting?
YES! Restaurants, accommodations, retail stores, tours and activities are open, but with capacity restrictions for social distancing.   There are some exceptions (this is at the discretion of the business operator).  We recommend calling ahead for restaurant reservations even if you don’t think you’ll need them, and to book your tours and transportation well in advance.  Beaches close at 4pm.

For a complete and up-to-date list of the COVID-19 testing and travel requirements, visit

The USVI Department of Health and the USVI Department of Tourism have partnered to provide a hotline with answers to all COVID-19 related questions for those travelling to the United States Virgin Islands: (800) 372-8784.

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